What is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?

There are many questions when it comes to filing taxes. Some of them are pretty basic, and some of them do require an expert. So, one of those terms, which you can learn about Adjusted Gross Income( AGI). What it is, why it is essential? So, when you are calculating your taxes with the Tax Calculator, knowing these things will help you clear your Doubts. Now let’s see what AGI is?

Adjusted Gross Income

AGI Definition

The AGI is your overall income. Now let’s say you are earning dollars from multiple ways.  There are Wages, Alimony, Business income, Dividends, Retirement fund, and other income. But we will minus the payments you have made during the year, such as a loan or to any private savings account. Now you are wondering how does this affect my taxes and me?

How Does it affect you?

The Adjusted Gross income is initially the beginning of calculating your Taxes. When you are filling the form, you have to make adjustments. Then you have to subtract the allowable deductions. After all this, The amount you will find is the taxable income. However, you should know every year; the deductions can change.The Tax Brackets change. But here are some of the adjustments you will find every year.

  1. The half taxes of self-employment you pay
  2. If you have made an Alimony payment to a former spouse
  3. Any contributions to the Retirements accounts

Now, these are some of the adjustments to income and how does it affect you.

How to Calculate?

Let’s say you want to calculate the AGI. It would help if you began with the calculation of the total income. You should also add the other source of income, as well. Let’s say you sold a property or social security payments. But add then only if they have not been mentioned in tax returns.  When you are done with calculation, now’s the time to subtract some of the things. As we stated above, if you need to make any payments or if there are any applicant deduction, subtract them. When all these things are deducted from your gross income, the remaining amount is Adjusted Gross income. Refer to our article, If you need help with Tax Refund.

More about Adjusted Gross Income

Now when the amount is settled, you need to apply the standard tax deduction to find out your taxable income. You can use a Tax calculator as well if you want. Now many of the taxpayers do get confused about finding the deductions. You can check out the official website of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to find out the specific deductions.  The reason is some of the deductions are going to be very specific, and before applying them you need to see if you are eligible for them or not.   Now here some taxpayers get confused with The Modified Adjusted Gross Income. They are both different. However, we will talk about it some other day.

The AGI can be found out on IRS form 1040, which is formally known as U.S Individual Tax return. So, this was about short info on Adjusted Gross income. We hope it will help you to understand more about taxes. For more information visit wiki page.

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