Tax Refund Estimator | Tax Refund Status

When the season for tax filing is in full swing, one of the popular questions is, “where’s my refund.” You are more intrigued about it when you have worked hard. You are eagerly waiting for it. May you calculate it with a tax refund estimator or did it manually. So, how you can check the status. We are going to tell you about this here in this post. We are sure it will help. Now, Let’s get started.

tax refund estimator

How Much Time it Takes in Processing

This is the first thing you need to know when you are filing for a tax refund. There are two ways of doing. The first is online which is called E-filing. The second is via a traditional method called paper filing. The timing in both of them is quite different.  With E-filing, it will take around 21 days to get a refund.  IRS says out of ten; nine tax refunds are processed within the given time frame.

For paper filing, it takes from six to eight weeks. You should start looking for the status at least after four weeks of filing. So, if you are in a hurry to get your tax refund, then do it online. Even if you can not do it by yourself, then take help.

How Does the Tax Refund Estimator Process Happen?

Now, when you should start checking for it. Well, the ideal timeline is after two-three after you have filed the papers. In case via documents, we have already said, after four weeks. There is a tool called ‘where’s my refund,’ which you can use on the official IRS website. If you are looking for a State Tax Refund, then go to their website. They will have the same tool which refers to Where’s my return.

You will need a Social Security number, ITIN, and the amount for refund.  Once your status gets updated in the system, it will begin showing. Since the exact refund date is not provided, it may or may not take a longer time than what you had anticipated.

However, once your status changes to approved. You may get to see the date. Make sure you have chosen a direct deposit to receive a refund within 21 days.

What if after 21 Days you have not Received

It could happen to anyone. Even after waiting for 21 days, It may happen. You have not received the refunds. Well, there could be two reasons behind it. First, you have become the victim of tax fraud and the second is you may have left an essential piece of information in your documents.  To contact the IRS and figure out the issue.

So, these are how to check your tax refund status. We have already told you about the tax refund estimator for Tax Calculator.