Track California Tax Refund Status

When you have filed for a California Tax Refund, waiting for it is one of the difficult things to do. When you are going to get it, why there is a delay, did I give any wrong info? These are some of the questions which come in our mind when we are waiting for it. The solution is to track the tax refunds. But how to do it? What is the way of doing it? So, in today’s blog, we are going to tell you about a simple way to keep track of the tax refund. After reading about it, you can easily do it.

California Tax Refund

How to track Tax Refund if you are living in California

Paying taxes is an integral part of financial things and money. How much money you will owe to the state depends upon a lot of factors. You will have to determine those factors, then get to know how much tax you need to pay.

Tax refund happens why you pay much more than what was expected. When you are filing for a tax refund in California, the case is likely to be handled by the California Franchise Tax Board. There is a tool on its website called “Where’s My refund” to track the Tax refund. It is similar to the IRS website tool.  With this tool, Tracking federal Income Tax return becomes easy. The tool helps you in quickly the tracking. But if you are looking for tax refunds prior tax years, then you have to contact California Franchise Tax Board.

There are Four Things you will Need to Track the California Tax Refund

  • Social Security Number
  • Refund Amount
  • Zip Code
  • Numbers in the Mailing address

Now, you go to the website. There you will see the option “Where My refund”. Now, When you click on it. These are the four things you will need for it — first the social Security  Number, then street code. For example, if you live in 104 Main Street, the code would be 104. Now, the ZIp code then the refund amount. When you enter, you will get the latest update for your california Tax refund.

How long it will take

Now, the question comes, if you have filed the returns, How much time it will take. Well, it depends upon many factors, we will talk about them here. First is how you file your California Tax refund. If you have done it online, then It will take from two to three weeks. If you have submitted a paper, then from three to fours weeks. So, when you are filing, be careful to choose how you are going to do it.   Now, the second thing is delayed by FTB because of many reasons, which we will explain later.  The third and last reason is if you did any amendment, then it will take at least three months.

Why your Tax Refund Is Delayed

This is an issue faced by many taxpayers. Your case is not unique. But the reasons for it are different depending upon the situation.  The first reason could be related to claim credits.  For example, let’s say you are planning for getting a child tax credit for Earned Free Income Tax Calculator, then it will take time. If you have done it, do not worry, there is no issue, just a delay which gets over soon. 

The second reason is identity theft. IRS or FTB, both have put strict security measure for it, but still cases of identity theft happen. If someone tries to steal your identity and then filed tax refunds. It is going to create an issue. So, the reimbursement could get delayed. Believe it or not, filing paper returns is another reason for the delay of your tax refund. If there were any wrong information on your paper, or you had put incorrect refund information.

How to ask for Help

Now, let’s say you get into any issues how you can ask for help. You can mail them, or there is an option online, but you need to create an account on California Tax refund website., There you will get the opportunity to chat on weekdays. You should know, Your tax refund could be different from what you had expected — the reason we have already stated above. But in case you do not understand it, it is better to contact them. However, there will document assigning to tax refunds explaining why the tax refund is different from what you had expected.

So, this is how you can take care of your Tax Refund if you are living in California. We are sure; it will help you.