Everything you Needed to know about 1099 Tax Form

In today’s blog, we are going to tell you about the 1099 Tax Form. It is a necessary tax form, which you will receive between sometime in February. When you receive it, do not think it’s not essential. Hold on it. The reason behind it, we will tell you below. After reading about it, you will get to know many things about it. What it is, what are the various types of it. You have to see because it will help you with Tax Refund 2020.

1099 Tax Form

What is the 1099 Tax Form?

We are going to explain it in simple terms. The 1099 tax form shows a record of giving or paid money from an entity or a person. It does not mean it could come from your employer. The person who has to pay you generally generate the form. There are many kinds of form 1099s.

You could even receive it from a bank if you got paid interest for your money in a savings account. If you had received a tax refund the previous year, then you might receive a 1099 tax form.

Overall, there are many ways via which you may receive it. So, keep them to submit to the IRS. Now, let’s see what you can do with a 1099 tax form.

What can you do with 1099 tax form?

You can use the 1099 tax form to figure out how much income you had, and what were the different sources for it. When filing a tax return, you can record every one of them. You will report about the income and various sources of it. For 2020, it will help you in knowing about your Tax Calculator.

There are many types of it, about which we are going to tell you.

What are the Different types of 1099 Tax form

After knowing what it is, what you can do with it. Now it is time to know about various types of 1099 tax form.

1099 – A

We will begin with Form 1099-A. You might receive it if you were involved in some Canceled debt. Maybe your mortgage was canceled or you had a short sale of your home. All of these things are taxable in the eye of the IRS, thus the reason you had received a 1099-A tax form.


If you had bought any security or you had done some kind of bartending. Then you may receive the 1099-B form. Here we mean bartending on a bartering exchange platform.  So, the exchange you had made will be counted as an income, reason to receiving the form. However, if you made a barter directly with someone, then you may not receive the way. But it is essential to report the Income Tax you had made. 1099-C

If you had a credit card and tried to settle for debt. Then you are likely to receive a 1099-C form. It happens if you had paid for less than what you owed. The amount which you had been forgiving comes under the 1099-C form.


If you had bought any shares of a corporation and it had gone under a capital structure change. Because of it, if you had received any cash, then you might receive a 1099- CAP form. However, money is not the only way to get it. If you got a property or stock, then also you will receive it.


One of the most common forms in 1099. It is for the dividends you received. However, it won’t include the shares of the credit union.


If you had received any money from the federal government or state government, then you might obtain it. It could be anything. Offset cash, credit or Tax Refund. In a nutshell, any money you receive from the government, then you will receive this form.

1099- INT

Now, for the rich people. If you have made more than 10 million from an institution, a brokerage or a bank, then you will receive the 1099-INT form.

1099- LTC

If you got an unexpected benefit like a long term insurance got paid, or you receive a benefit from an insurance policy, then you are likely to receive a 1099-LTC form.

So, this is the information about the 1099 Form. We are sure it will help you in determining the tax refund 2020. You should know, these are not all the types. We will cover them in the next post which we have left here.