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If you are looking for Tax calculator then this is the best platform. In the United States of America, taxes are dependent upon the income of a person. However, the US tax system is progressive, so 2019 tax calculations could be different from 2018 tax calculations. Here in this blog today, we are going to tell you several factors of it. How much money you make is the basic criterion for it. Everyone is American, who is earning a need to pay a percentage of their income to the united states of America. In simple terms, if you are making higher, you will pay more taxes. If you are earning less, you will pay fewer taxes.

However there are tax deductions, Loopholes, and credits that have complicated the tax systems. One needs to understand the basics to gain insight into the complicated stuff. We are going to tell you basics of it, so when you are calculating your taxes, you can understand the nuances.

Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator - How Much Tax you need to Pay

So, there is something called Adjusted gross income ( AGI). Your total estimated tax is based on it. When you are filing Form 1040, you will enter various kinds of details in it. What are the wages, business income, dividends and interest, and other things? You will have to mention above the line deductions. It is for understanding the Tax Calculator. Eventually, they will help you to lower your Gross AGI to make sure you are paying fewer taxes. It could contribute to IRA or paying your student loan interest.

The AGI determines which Tax break will be eligible for you. However, it is not your taxable income. The federal Tax Calculator depends upon various factors that you need to consider if you are planning to lower your taxes. It’s essential to know for your tax calculations.

How Much You Owe?

After you have figured out your taxable money, now you need to find out how much you owe. You can use the tax tables from the Form 1040 instructions. If you are seeing them for the first time, you may feel like solving a puzzle. However, it is easy and straightforward. It would help if you saw your income then see your column with filing status. What it means is if you are single, head of household, married filing separately or married filing jointly. So, see it and began writing it once you all of it becomes easy for a Tax Calculator.

Why prefer Tax Calculator?

To have the simple tax breaks, it is divided into $50 chunks. The paper you have will list only income up to $99,999. Now, If you are earning more than $99,999 then you need to fill out a different form for it, which you can find on page 79 of the 2018 form 1040 Instructions. If, It is getting too complicated for you, using a Tax Calculator would be a good idea. Learn more about Tax Refund, if you are eligible for tax refunds.

If we use an example, then you will understand it better. Let’s say you have a taxable income of $41049. Now to calculate Taxes, you have to go to Line 10 on the form 1040. Now when you are using the tables, you will see you are going into $41000 Section. Find the row which is applicable for between $41000 and $41050. As we said, the brackets are filled with $50 Chunks.
Now you will know how much you Owe?
1. $4,965 if you are filing as single
2. $4,651 if you are filing as Head of Household
3. $4,542 if you are filing as Married jointly
4. $4,965 if you are filing as Married Separately

What are the Tax Brackets?

If you do now know what a tax bracket is, then here is an excellent chance to learn about it.  It is the division of tax rates in a progressive tax system.  For example, Let’s say you are single, then the minimum lowest tax rate which can apply on your is about 10%. However, 10% applies only up to $9,525. After it the rate increase up to 12%. The Tax Calculator determines it based on your input. So, be careful about it. It goes up as your income increases. We have said above; when you earn more, you need to pay higher taxes. Using a Tax Calculator can save you time.

What are the Current Tax Brackets for 2019, 2020

Right now, from November, the Tax Brackets are going to change.  There are a total of seven breakers for each type of filer. Those percentages are 10%, 12%, 22%, 24% , 32%, 35% and 37%.  As we said, it depends on what is status. Single. Married jointly,  married Separately, or Head of the household. Depends upon it, you will have to pay taxes. For example again if you are single, then up to $9700, you will pay 10%. Think it will help in Tax Calculator.

Let’s say you are single and earning more than $500,000 per year. Now, as per the form, you are coming into every tax bracket. However, it does not mean you will pay for the full money. When you reach $9700, apply 10% of it. Then deduct it from the whole amount. After remaining, you will calculate it on 12%  and so on.  So you can see the money only remaining at seven brackets will be calculated at the highest 37%.

How you can stay in Lower Tax Bracket

Every one of us wants to save hard-earned dollar as much as possible. There are many ways of doing it. So, here we are now going to tell you some of the things you can do to reduce your tax bills. You can get a tax Deduction and tax Credits for reducing the bill. If you are feeling these things are complicated; you should use Tax Calculator for it.

Tax Deductions – In simple terms, Deduction means lowering your income to your tax rate. For example, if your income is going up to a 32% tax bracket, how to reduce it up to 24$. There are itemized Deductions to use — such as.
1. Charitable Contributions
2. Medical Expenses
3. Mortgage Interest
4. Local and State Income Tax
5. Property taxes

How to take benefits

However we should mention, not everyone is going to avail of the benefits from it. You need to carefully examine your tax deductions,from where you can save your money. In form 1040, There is a section called Schedule A; you need to fill it up for getting things done. In the form, there are many things mentioned. You can download the form from the Official IRS Website. There you need to specify the specific deductions you are seeking. In, you think these are hard to, use a tax calculator for it.

Now there is something called Above the Line Deductions. They are meant to reduce your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). We are now going to mention some of the Above the line deductions you can use. You can find it on Schedule 1 of form 1040. Again you can find it on the IRS official site. There will include two sections; One is Additional Income and Adjustments to income. Since we want to lower our Brackets, we need to focus on Adjustment to income. Make sure you read about what Tax Calculators opinion about new Tax law.

Focus on Adjustment to income

1. Student Loan Interest
2. Educator Interest
3. Moving expenses for the members of Armed Forces ( need to attach form 3903)
4. Alimony Paid
5. Self-employed health insurance deduction
6. IRA deduction
7. Health savings account Contributions

You may not get much tax-reducing. However still it will help you to lower your tax brackets. By reducing your overall AGI, it will benefit in many ways. Know more about basics of Federal service taxes in USA.

Tax Credit

Tax Deductions help you to lower the tax incomes. However, tax Credits help you to reduce your tax due. When you are done with figuring out your AGI, now you need to look for ways of tax-reducing. Let’s see what the major tax credit is. You may have heard about them, but it’s still good to know.The tax bracket does not matter here. If you want it make it easy then using Tax Calculator is a much better idea.

Child Tax Credit

The child tax credit will allow you to get deduct an amount up to $2,000. However, higher-income taxpayers are phased out of this.
Earned Income Tax Credit ( EITC) – This scheme is designed especially for families with moderate or low incomes. For the year of 2018 tax year, it was worth between $519 and $6,431. It depends on three factors. How much you are earning, if you are married or single, and How many children you have.

Foreign Tax Credit

If you are working in a foreign country or you have made income from Income taxes, then this is for you. As a taxpayer, you will get credit for foreign taxes paid.

Residential Energy Tax Credit – If a taxpayer has installed an alternate way of energy. For example, Solar water heater, wind turbines, fuel cell property, and Solar electric equipment, then you could get credit up to 30% of the total cost. So if you have installed anything like it, it’s a good way of reducing your taxes.

Adoption Credit

If a taxpayer has adopted a child, then the credits can cover up to $13,840 per child. If by any means, the credits exceeded your amount of tax, you are eligible to use the portion of reminding credit for the next five years.

Final Verdict

These are some of the things you should know about the Tax calculations. Once you know the limits, Exceptions and the ways tax deductions, you will be able to save more money in a year. As you gain experience with filing, you will get to know about the things to use in your situation.

Every time you are going to file taxes, You must look at tax bracket, finding ways of reducing it. Again if you are finding hard to grasp these things, simple use the Tax Calculator for it.

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